Brown blemishes: Age spots

sick of your age spots?

Many people would happily remove the age spots on their faces and hands if they knew how simple they can be to treat with laser technology. With the help of our state-of-the-art lasers and specialist nurses, you may even only need one session for pale blemishes. Please book your free consultation below to find out how laser treatment can help you.

Is this the right treatment for me?

Laser treatment is suitable for almost anyone but isn’t advisable when your skin is tanned. We can certainly treat you if your skin is naturally dark. During your free consultation, we’ll discuss the options and estimate how much it will cost. If we don’t believe you can get the results you’d like, we’ll tell you immediately.

How many treatments will I need?

Pale blemishes may only need one treatment. We usually recommend a course treatments over a few months for darker blemishes. As the appearance of the treated area may continue to improve over the following 3 months after treatments, we usually space them apart. We’ll advise how many treatments you’ll need at your free consultation.

What happens during treatment?

Your specialist consultant will meet you and guide you through each stage of the treatment. We may begin with small test patches of different laser settings to see which gives the best results and take photos to monitor your progress.

How does it feel?

Most people describe the feeling of the laser on the skin as like being flicked by an elastic band or a small pin prick. We use an air cooling system to make it more comfortable and anaesthetic cream if needed. Our qualified medical team are able to offer local/general anaesthetics.

How does it work?

Laser light is absorbed by and damages the brown pigment in the skin; reducing its colour. The light fragments the coloured particles in the mark and allows the body's immune system to remove them.

What happens afterwards?

The affected area will look white after treatment, which fades within 30 minutes. The appearance of the treated area may continue to improve over the following 3 months. But don’t worry, we’ll explain all this and your aftercare at your free consultation.

Download the Patient Leaflet file (1mb) for this treatment – to keep and read in your own time.


  • Initial consultation

    • Free
  • Test Patch

    • £80
  • 5 minutes

    • £100
  • 10 minutes

    • £150
  • 15 minutes

    • £200

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