Eonne’s story

as an advanced scuba diving instructor, i’ve been involved in a number of crises in the past where i’ve rescued people and saved lives

So when I had my accident I instinctively went into self-preservation mode, that’s why I’m still here!

It was in 2014. The land out the back of our house had become infested with rats. What the farmers do to get rid of them is to put a hose pipe into their holes, use a funnel to pour petrol in the ground and use a stick to light it — So I did the same thing.

I saw the flames coming up the hole, almost in slow motion.

I had the five gallon petrol can in my right-hand and the fumes all around me had already caught fire. Soon the whole upper half of my body was on fire. Everything went yellow.

I knew I had to put the petrol can down so I walked away from the fire, put it down and then, remembering that I had a bucket of water, I doused myself and ripped my clothes off, which were still burning. Then my son and daughter ran out, they got the ambulance, then a helicopter came to fly me in. I remember absolutely everything.

I was in Salisbury Hospital for 11 days. I had no idea what to expect but, right from the start, I knew it was good. I can’t praise the place enough.

Towards the end of my treatment, they called Tom down from the Laser Clinic to see if laser treatment would help. From there he arranged a course of treatments – It was remarkable.

The treatment has not only helped cosmetically, it has also helped my skin repair and improved my movement. The difference has been huge, it’s now not so angry and red.

Right from the start I felt that everyone here really cared. They listened to me, took on board what I said and fed it into the treatment I got. They photographed everything so I could see how I progressed and that things were going the right way. They genuinely wanted to get me back on the road.

Subconsciously how you look matters to everyone. If I hadn’t had the treatment, my arm would have looked much redder. I love to swim and nobody stares at me anymore. I think that’s the main thing – everyone just wants to look normal, they don’t want to stick out. It’s quite simple really!

Eonne portrait

Right from when I got treatment I wanted to help the clinic with their work. I received treatment for free on the NHS, but I would have paid for it.

A thank-you from the laser clinic… It’s thanks to people like you that Eonne received this treatment. We’re leading the way in the UK for laser treatments of burns scars but without your support, we wouldn’t exist. Thank you!

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