Louise’s story

at first my friends were disappointed i was going to get it removed, but i just wanted it gone

My tattoo was just meant to be a small thing along my side. It looked gorgeous on paper and the tattoo place really sold it to me. But when they had finished I ended up with this massive, multi-coloured vibrant tattoo all the way up my side.

Even though it’s beautiful, I just don’t want it printed on me anymore.

At first my friends were disappointed I was going to get it removed. They thought it was because my family disapproved. But I just wanted it gone. Why have something you don’t like, if you can get rid of it?

Before the Laser Clinic I had a consultation at another place. They were really negative and said they didn’t think they could do much for me. It was really off putting and made me quite upset.

When I came to the Laser Clinic, they were really positive but realistic too. I know there’s a chance it won’t be completely removed, but they’re going to do their best and so far they’ve been able to give me good results.

As the tattoo is so big, we do each half each month and use different lasers, for the different pigments.

It’s painful but it will be good for me in the end! I keep saying that if I can get rid of a massive tattoo all the way up my side, then it will be much easier for anyone else.

All the nurses are really friendly and really kind. When I’ve been in pain, they’ve even brought me chocolate. I’m a nurse myself and the care is exceptional.

Even if I wasn’t a nurse, I’d be more inclined to come here than anywhere else. It’s more professional than a beauty clinic. You feel more safe and secure because it’s a hospital. If something went wrong, you’d be supported; you can say things you couldn’t say elsewhere and come straight back if there is a problem.


They have the knowledge base too – they have expert scientists who know what they’re looking at.

It’s going to take a long time to get rid of my tattoo but it will be worth it in the long run. The treatment really helps you move on. I’m only 22 now so I know for sure that 32 year old me will be very happy that I got it sorted out!

A thank-you from the laser clinic… It’s thanks to people like you that Louise received this treatment. We’re leading the way in the UK for laser treatments of burns scars but without your support, we wouldn’t exist. Thank you!

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