Trevor’s story

they do such great work, it made me feel good to be a part of it

I had warty lesions above my eyes, which were harmless and I mostly ignored but then they kept growing. It got to the point where they got so large that small children used to hide behind their parents in the supermarket!

I was referred to the Laser Clinic 11 years ago. At that time they didn’t know if it would leave a scar or even work to get rid of the warts. They were completely open and asked if I would help them by taking part in their latest research.

It did work and it didn’t scar. My warts still grow, so I come here twice a year to keep on top of it.

We recently saw a documentary about a girl who had her port wine birthmark removed at the Laser Clinic. It made me feel good that because of the research I took part in, they knew it wouldn’t scar. It meant she was able to get treatment and is growing up without that problem.

The staff here are brilliant and the care is really good. It has made a difference. It’s made me more confident and reduced the worry that people are only seeing the warts, rather than me.

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