watch unwanted warts fade

If you’re self-conscious of your warts, like our patient Trevor and you’ve tried other treatments without success, then we would like to help. They can often be simple to treat with laser technology. At our clinic, we have Consultant Plastic Surgeons on hand to make sure you get the right treatment for you. Please book your free consultation below to find out how laser treatment can help you.

Is this the right treatment for me?

Laser treatment is suitable for almost anyone. During your free consultation, we’ll discuss the options and estimate how much it will cost. If we don’t believe you can get the results you’d like, we’ll tell you immediately.

How many treatments will I need?

Many warty lesions need only one treatment. Depending on the size and number of lesions, you may need a few appointments. We’ll advise how many treatments you’ll need at your free consultation.

What happens during treatment?

Your specialist Consultant will meet you and guide you through each stage of the treatment. We may begin with small test patches of different laser settings to see which gives the best results and take photos to monitor your progress.

How does it feel?

Ablative treatment cut away the top of the skin leaving a graze. Some people are happy to tolerate this for small lesions but most opt for a local anaesthetic injection. As we are part of the NHS a general anaesthetic may be arranged if necessary.

How does it work?

Laser light is absorbed by water in the skin, and removes very thin layers from the skin surface, leaving a ‘grazed’ area which heals wart-free.

What happens afterwards?

The treated area will form a graze which will scab and may become itchy as it heals. The healed area may remain pink for up to six weeks after treatment. But don’t worry, we’ll explain all this and your aftercare at your free consultation.

Guideline prices

  • Initial consultation

    • Free
  • Test Patch

    • £360
  • 15 minutes

    • £500
  • 20 minutes

    • £630
  • 30 minutes

    • £875

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