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run by nhs consultants, doctors, scientists and nurses, our entire team is devoted to pioneering in laser treatment and delivering outstanding care

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Mr Adam SawyerBSc MBBS MSc FEBOPRAS LLP FRCS(Plast) (Consultant Plastic and Laser Surgery Surgeon)

Adam Sawyer is a Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic and Laser Surgery Surgeon based in Salisbury who specialises in aesthetic surgery of the face, breast and body.

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Dr Tom Lister PhD MSc BSc MIPEM (MVP)

As head of department I aim to promote care which is patient centred, safe and at the cutting edge of research.

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Mr Richard Cole MB ChB ChM FRCS(Plast) (Consultant Plastic Surgeon)

I have been focused on safe, high quality care at the Laser Clinic since I joined the team in 1994.

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Mr Eunan Tiernan MB BCh BAO BA FRCSI FRCS(Plast) (Consultant Plastic Surgeon)

Started in Salisbury in 1996, consultant since 2001. Mainly works in Burns, but also does some private work in breast enlargements. He's been doing laser treatments with us for over 15 years.

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Dr Mark BrewinPhD BSc(Hons) MSc DipIPEM PGCert (Clinical Scientist)

I have a keen interest in medical lasers and ensuring their safe use in treating skin. I am the research and development lead for the Burns Unit, where I head up the Scar Management service.

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Mrs Sue Rainbow(Laser Nurse Specialist)

Suzy has worked within the Burns and Plastic surgery departments at Salisbury hospital since 2000. She specialised in burns care for many of those years and now works in the Laser clinic and Plastic surgery clinics.